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Q: When I try extracting one of your ROMs, it asks me for a password, what is it?
A: The password for every file you download on 3Roms is "www.3roms.com" (without the quotes).

Q: When I download a ROM,all I get is a .rar file. How do I play it?
A: Download Winrar from rarlabs.com,a free download,and use it to extract the ROM from the .RAR file.

Q: When I download the Rom and try to open it, I get the message saying "File Corrupted". What should I do?
A: Try downloading the rom again. If this still doesn't solve your problem, try downloading a different version of the rom (Usually there are "USA" and "Eu" versions). If that still doesn't solve the problem contact an admin and we will fix the problem as soon as possible.

Q: When I click on a game to download it all it shows is a blank page with no link to download it from.
A: This is a problem most Internet Explorer users get and can be fixed if using a different browser such as Firefox. Firefox may be downloaded from www.getfirefox.com

Q: What are the [a], [!], (U), (J), [o] and all other symbols in ROM names?
A: Each symbol have a different meaning, whether they're about the country the game was released in, the language it is, or information about the dumps (good, bad, hack), etc. For more details, check the ROM CODE page.